About the Project Scope & Goals

DLT is a reusable open source software component for standardized logging and tracing in infotainment ECUs based on the AUTOSAR 4.0 standard. The goal of DLT is the consolidation of the existing variety of logging and tracing protocols on one format.

Feature List:

  • Verbose and none-verbose mode support
  • System log-level and individual log-levels for contexts
  • Binary transport of messages
  • Message injection callback
  • Predefined control messages
  • Support for multiple applications and multiple contexts organized in a hierarchy
  • Support for different interfaces between daemon and viewer (TCP/IP, Serial)
  • Adapters to connect Linux log facilities like syslog
  • User library and daemon provides a temporary internal buffer
  • Trace message (network message) support
  • Single trace file on Client side
  • Many configuration options

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