Browser Proof-of-Concept

The Networking Expert Group (NW-EG) would like to exercise a dbus-based software component to test the usability and quality of a web browser that uses the dbus interface. In addition the browser is meant to have limited functionality or functionality relevant to a car. Pelagicore have agreed to carry out this task with an implementation of Qt5 and WebKit.

This Browser Proof of Concept has taken a from scratch approach due to the specific requirements for an in-vehicle browser, existing browsers were evaluated but not found suitable. The Browser PoC is an example IVI browser and has limited functionality. It is built with Qt 5, WebKit 1, and the declartive QML language. It consists of a QGraphicsWebView runtime and C+\+ code for implementing backend services and dbus connectivity. A QGraphicsWebView element renders web content using the Qt webkit integration. No other User interface elements or controls will be implemented for the webview.

In addition a test UI application and a demo UI application will be developed. The test application should demonstrate and test the implemented features of the Browser PoC and the demo UI, which supports only a subset of the defined APIs, looks more like a possible real-life browser UI.