GENIVI Open Source Projects

GENIVI was launched with a mission of driving the broad adoption of an In-Vehicle Infotainment open source development platform (for more on the IVI platform, see What).  The code behind this platform comes from three main sources:

  • Upstream projects where the required functionality is already built (e.g.,
  • Upstream projects where a good starting point for required functionality exists upon which GENIVI can build additional automotive functionality (e.g.,
  • GENIVI member projects where IVI code is developed because nothing is available in the open source community as a good starting point.

GENIVI has moved these member projects into the open source and invites all interested parties to participate in building the code (for more information, see Why).  GENIVI hosted projects facilitate the development of required IVI functionality in an open and collaborative manner, consistent with the best practices of other FOSS projects (for more information, see How).   

Cases may exist for new projects to be launched which implement automotive functionality not yet defined by GENIVI or that may employ a different and innovative approach that GENIVI should consider for future platform releases. As a growing hub of automotive-oriented, open source projects, GENIVI welcomes new project proposals (visit Propose a Project).

To participate in a project or to learn more about contributing code to a project, visit Guidelines for Submitters.

Finally, to learn more about the Alliance-sponsored public open-source community projects please view the FAQ document or visit any of the listed projects.